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We are pleased to answer a number of the frequently asked questions we receive:

How Do I Access Vector Health Clinics' MMT Program?

You can enrol in the methadone maintenance program by visiting any of the Vector Health Clinics (during regular business hours) to schedule an assessment by a physician. A referring physician, psychologist, employer or other allied health professional can also arrange for an assessment on your behalf.

How Do I Pay for the Program?

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for all medical visits at Vector Health Clinics. For services not covered by OHIP, such as prescriptions, there may be additional fees (if applicable), which may be covered either in full or in part by an employer or other private healthcare insurance plans.

Ontario Works (OW) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) cover the cost of methadone for those clients who qualify. The Trillium Drug Plan, under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program, also cover the cost of methadone for those who qualify. Many private insurance companies may also cover the cost of prescription medication through extended health coverage.

Will I Get Addicted to Methadone?

Methadone is offered as a medical treatment and is prescribed only to people who are already dependent on opioids. Methadone provides a safe alternative to the danger and desperation of sourcing illegal opioid drugs and frees people from the cravings to use.

As with any medication, there is also the potential for abuse, as methadone is a powerful drug and can be dangerous to those unfamiliar with its effects. However, methadone maintenance is a long-term treatment, and this prolonged treatment, with proper doses and supervision, is medically safe.

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Methadone?

Most medications have some side effects. Methadone is usually a well-tolerated medication, and as treatment continues and a stable dose of methadone is established, tolerance to most side effects develops. The most common side effects reported are constipation, sweating, drowsiness, changes in weight or reduction in libido (men). Our doctors are highly experienced to help deal with these side effects should they occur.

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