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A Dedicated Team

How to EnrollVector Health Clinics are a highly trained team of compassionate healthcare professionals who are specialized in addiction medicine and are devoted to helping clients to deal with all forms of addiction and improve their lives.

Our team also provides client-centered care in the areas of hepatitis C.

And a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Methadon PrescriptionVector Health Clinics bring a focused approach to addiction medicine, which include highly specialized medical doctors who have been concentrating their practice in addiction medicine for several years. Clinics also feature a full-service pharmacy with unique expertise dispensing medications to treat the symptoms of withdrawal from opiate drugs. The Vector Health Clinics pharmacists have specialized training and years of experience with patients dealing with addiction. They work closely with the doctors at the clinic as part of a team to help improve the lives of all patients affected by all forms of drug addictions.  In addition, we provide comprehensive services in the area.

Vector Health Clinics has Punjabi/Hindi and Farsi speaking staff on hand and as a final aspect of the multi-disciplanary approach, social workers are available to help with social/family and financial issues.

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